Study Grant

Launch of the Far North Queensland Safety Group Study Grant!

The FNQ Safety Group is a not for profit networking group for health and safety professionals within the Far North Queensland region. In recognition of the fact that some members may not have easy access to professional development funding, the Group has established a membership based study grant.

Members who meet the criteria detailed on the application form will be eligible to apply for financial assistance to further relevant studies.

Grant applications will be considered on an ‘as submitted basis’ with a decision being made within 10 weeks of receipt of the application.

The value of the grant will be up to $1000 per application and will be paid directly to the nominated training or tertiary institution.

Funds awarded must normally be dispersed within 12 months of being awarded unless prior arrangements are made with the selection panel eg course availability /length, ill health, work commitments.

Access to the grant will expire 24 months after being awarded.

Failure to successfully complete training for which the grant was awarded without due cause eg: ill health will mean any further applications will not be considered for 5 years.

A member receiving a grant will only be eligible to receive a maximum of $1000 every 4 years. For example $500 may be requested one year to go towards a module and the next year $500 could be requested for another module for the same or different course.

Note: first time applicants will be preferred over previous recipients during the selection process.

Selection panel membership: FNQ Safety Group Chairperson (President) and two others selected by the Chairperson. All selectors must have been a member of the Group for a minimum of 3 years. If any selector has a potential conflict of interest in assessing an application they must step aside and nominate a replacement selector.

The decisions of the selection panel will be documented and are final. However applications can be resubmitted at a later date for further consideration.

The application form is available from here :Study Grant Application

All applications must be sent to email :