Executive: 2021/2022

President:   Andrew Maunder

Vice President:   Garry Hawkins

Secretary:  Sarah Doi

Treasurer:   Sharon Cunningham



Mission Statement

The FNQ Safety Group was founded to:

  • Promote and advance the science and practice of workplace health and safety throughout Far North Queensland.
  • Foster and maintain integral working relationships among safety officers, co-ordinators, consultants and management of workplaces throughout Far North Queensland.
  • Provide to those safety practitioners a support function and forum in which relevant safety issues pertaining to workplaces may be identified and discussed through monthly meetings.
  • To promote and advance workplace health and safety through consultation with and support from Workplace Health and Safety, Queensland.
  • To provide to all employers and workplaces throughout Far North Queensland access to educational material, safety seminars and forums in which all parties may participate.
  • To develop and maintain close relationships with other organisations in the promotion of workplace health and safety.




The FNQ Safety Group, originally known as the ‘Cairns District Industrial Safety Group’ and then later as the ‘FNQ Workplace Health and Safety Group’ held its first meeting on 9 November 1972 at the Adult Education Centre, located within the Cairns Railway Station.

The FNQ Safety Group has provided support to members associated with workplace health and safety within state and federal government departments, local government and private enterprise covering all industries within Cairns and the surrounding districts.

Uniquely for Queensland, the FNQ Safety Group was the first and only group formed by safety officers outside of Brisbane, and is supported by management of industry, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, other government departments and local authorities within this geographical location.

The voluntary participation of the members has been an important aspect of the FNQ Safety Group’s success in supporting and assisting those involved in workplace health and safety in the region.

The Executive provide alternating venues at which the FNQ Safety Group can conduct their monthly meeting. The meetings provide a forum for members where individuals may discuss any issue relevant to workplace health and safety.